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Our aim was to target investors across Europe with a campaign to drive them back to the Blacktower website. Creative content and outreach helped us to deliver links across 16 different European countries.

The approach

Using social listening and keyword research, we found that ‘retirement’ was a frequently discussed topic in investment focussed marketing.

The brief was to generate leads for pension investments, driving traffic and enquiries back to the Blacktower ‘Retirement Index’ EU Campaign. We wanted to run an effective PR campaign that would catch headlines, so we compiled data on the best country to retire Europe and build an asset on their domain around this.

The data gathered for the campaign ranked EU countries through a variety of factors, including; cost of living, crime levels, percentage of the population over 65 years, life expectancy and house prices – which linked back to our financial theme. The asset features a leader board displaying all the data from trusted sources on the Blacktower domain.

The results

We delivered over 188 placements for this campaign (and still counting) across 16 countries. Links come from highly recognised media sources, such as The Standard, The Express and The Mirror.

The campaign accomplished 16,469 visitors to the site, with over 80% (14,041) of those being new users achieved through the links we gained from the campaign. Due to the campaign driving a rise in visitors to the site organically and directly, it has been paramount for brand awareness.




(16k) New visitors to the site
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“Since on-boarding connective3 we have been consistently blown away by the fantastic results, intuitive campaigns and the immediate understanding of our wider business strategy; all underpinned by friendly, energetic and seamless client service and communication.”

Aimee SpeightGroup Marketing Director

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