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Using Social Listening we created a series of campaigns crafted around fans for NBA, NFL and NHL- taking their interests and turning them into link worthy content and coverage across the US.

The approach

Our brief was to create a relevant content strategy to drive BIG US links. Following social listening we created a series of NFL, NBA and NHL focussed campaigns, which drove huge volumes of links and coverage across the country, achieving headlines on titles including Sports Illustrated, Market Watch and State News Network.

NFL Instagram Rich List

We revealed the top 50 richest NFL Stars and found out how much they could look to earn per Instagram post. The campaign revealed that stars such as Odell Beckham Jr. could be making up to $58,699 per Instagram post.

The campaign did incredibly well pulling in 73 links. With links from the likes of: Market Watch, Sports Illustrated: Patriot Maven, Heavy, 247Sports, LA Opinion and many more.

In addition to all these great links, we achieved further coverage on the YouTube talk show ‘Skip and Shannon: Undisputed’ which has around 2 million subscribers and is currently sat on just over 250k views.

World Champs – Fake Followers

Whilst many claim their team has the largest and most loyal fanbase, this report discovered which sporting side’s fanbase may not be as real as once thought. By running social listening on Twitter, the report exposed which NFL, NBA, and NHL team had the fakest online following. The study revealed the fakest team from each major sport:

  • NFL = Arizona Cardinals (44.8% fake followers)
  • NHL = Anaheim Ducks (52% fake followers)
  • NBA = Los Angeles Lakers (40.5% fake followers)

The campaign did well and pulled in over 25 links from the likes of Lake Show Life and more.

The cost of being a fan

A campaign to reveal which NFL was the most expensive to support.

It came out that the New York Giants ($117.03 per touchdown) and New York Jets ($113.18) were the costliest team to support, whilst the Buffalo Bills ($46.19 per touchdown) and Tennessee Titans ($47.51 per touchdown) were the most reasonable.

The campaign did well and drove 25 links from the likes of: The Score, Market Watch, Silver and Black Pride and Dawg Pound Daily.